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Can anyone apply for the Super Visa?

This visa can be applied for by Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents or their parents or grandparents. The applicants must

not be inadmissible to Canada because of health or security. They may have to meet specific requirements set forth by the visa office through which they are applying.

There can be no dependents included with a Super Visa application. Only parents or grandparents and their spouses can apply.

How Does the Application Process Work?

There are many similarities to the process of applying for a TRV (Visitors Visa). However, additional documents must ensure that the grandparents and their parents will receive adequate support while in Canada. This includes:

  • An invitation letter from a child residing in Canada
  • Documentation that proves the child or grandchild meets the Low Income Cutoff (LICO) minimum
  • The birth certificate of a child or a grandchild is proof of a parent’s relationship, such as evidence of legal parentage.
  • An insurance policy covering medical expenses for a year from a Canadian insurance company.

The visa application should be processed at the Canadian visa office responsible for the applicant’s residence outside of Canada. Additional documentation may be required at the visa office.

Super Visa Insurance

Canadian Insurance Companies conform to the CIC’s Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents program and offer Super Visa medical insurance through The following things should be kept in mind about Super Visa Insurance.

  • At least $100,000 must be included in the coverage.
  • One-year minimum duration is required for the policy.
  • Upon receiving a letter from the visa office informing you that you cannot obtain a Visa, a refund will be provided.
  • If you leave Canada before one year, you can refund the unused balance; every insurance company has different rules for deducting the refund.
  • Savings on premiums can be achieved using deductibles.
  • The policy will expire within the first 12 months, so you will need to buy another one a few days before the old one is due to expire.
  • Make sure to discuss your parent’s/grandparents’ medical conditions with your insurance company to get proper coverage for them. is a new and user-friendly site that lets you compare all Supervisa Insurance providers in Canada right away. The best part of Supervisa is that you can choose to pay your insurance cost monthly. You can have the privilege of paying the annual price monthly from many providers. also gives youth options to compare the plan details between all the providers. Using our tool, you can quickly become familiar with the benefits summary. Few companies trim some benefits to being cheap in the market. Please read the plan benefits summary carefully. helped many Greater Vancouver residents to save costs and find the best suitable plans. If you live around Vancouver, you can take advantage of others.

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