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As one might be aware, that until now, any person holding permanent residency status or have Canadian,

As one might be aware, that until now, any person holding permanent residency status or have Canadian citizenship could sponsor his parents or grandparents to come to Canada and become permanent residents. This was known as the family class visa. This program went off efficiently until recent years when the number of applications under this scheme jumped exponentially. As a result, visa offices around the world started struggling to process them. So much so that, recent estimates suggested a backlog of over 1, 65,000 applications worldwide and processing time of approximately seven to eight years! Making it almost redundant. Under heavy disapproval from all quarters, the Canadian government started looking for solutions that would streamline the family reunification process. And, the answer it came up with is the new super visa program. There are lots of company are available that provide Super Visa Insurance for Canadians at very affordable prices.


What the super visa entails is that, as long as you qualify as a visitor under the common requirements, and you are a parent or grandparent of a Canadian permanent resident or citizen, you can be issued a visitor visa which is valid for up to ten years and has to be reviewed every two years. The upside to this is that the government has stated that the processing time for visa applications under this category will be as quick as eight weeks. The downside is that you must have a minimum of $ 1, 00,000 worth of medical insurance, bought from a Canadian insurance company and also it is valid for one year. Furthermore, the government will be suspending for the next two years, sponsorship of parents and grandparents under the earlier family class visa scheme.


Super visa insurance is easy to buy and can be bought online by filling a simple form with the correct details. The medical questionnaire should be filled in very correct manner, here do not lie about your medical conditions in case to buy a cheaper policy because some of the policies offered do not cover the pre-existing medical conditions if you have any, so it is best if you do not lie and truthfully answer all the questions and get an insurance policy which suits you the most. Most of the policies do not cover pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc. Every company has a different policy for pre-existing conditions.


There are several companies selling the medical insurance you can choose from anyone but keep in mind that before buying compare the policy that the company has to offer you, get an online quote and compare it, after that you have to buy the policy. Medical Insurance Cost depends upon your medical conditions like the pre-existing conditions for which you will have to pay more and it also depends upon the age of the person.

To know more about the Super Visa Insurance for Canadian and its insurance requirements visit the Visitor Assurance Website as well.

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